Saturday, November 10, 2012

Marshall AVT 100 Review

Good Points: 100W 3-channel with nice DFX and tube-driven preamp, very good emulated out!

Bad Points: You can't use an additive speaker cabinet - that's a pity if you don't use a p.a.

General comments: The preamp uses a 12AX7 tube and the power amp section emulates the way tube amps breathe and musically compress the sound. The Marshall AVT 100 amp sounds very authentic and tube-like without the higher costs of an all-tube amplifier. The tonal range from clear, crystal clean to valve-induced crunch and on to the most extreme gain gives you all you need. Vintage oriented and even newer sounds are possible, although an AVT simply can't be a Rectifier.

The speaker-emulated line out works very well if you need some more power over a p.a. - therefore you don't really need an additive cabinet. A very easy concept for the effects give you quick and effective control!

The supplied 4-way LED foot-switch is comfortable for your sound changes. What I like the most is the interaction with the volume knob of the guitar - from crunch to lead - very much like an all-tube amp.